Action shots!


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Here's one I found on Michele's website. It was a Texas star, through a barrel while kneeling. It was not pretty. I think I burned through a whole magazine before I heard a semi-pro say "dude, move on!"


The trick to barrels is to try to get your gun and your head inside the barrel!

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Matt Rigsby said:
Even got James Casanova to R.O. you. Nicely done.
Yeah, I got to squad with James and Janna Reeves. They were both great. Awesome shooters, great teachers willing to help us mere mortals, and just good people. Had a blast shooting with them and eating with them after. Man they are fast.


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Yeah I was really happy to see how the pro shooters are really cool to the newer people's out there getting their feet wet.
Kurt Miller was one of the first people to offer me advice just out of the blue.

Really great people in this sport.