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Last fall I sold my DPMS 308 money pit and started saving pennies for a Seekins SP10. One night I stumbled across AERO Precision and found their "AR10". I'd heard good things about the M4's but had no idea about the M5. Features include forged aluminum top and bottom, correct fwd assist position, receiver mounted rail, 16" melonited mid-gas 1:10 barrel with Magpul furniture. 3 weeks later I picked it up from my FFL. Today was the first trip out and after a quick zero I fired several 3 shot groups at 100 yards with Federal Gold Medal 168 and 175. Equipment includes Atlas bipod, Bushnell LRHS 3-12, Spuhr mount and rear bag. Winner today was 168 with a .88"(7/8) group.

With my lack of experience I really can't say if it was the M5 or me that liked 168 most. That said I never could get the DPMS LR308 under an inch regardless of how much spent. The only modification I've made to the M5 is the Raptor charging handle. Some slop exists between the receivers even with a tension screw which I may try to address later. The KAC magazine works prefect while the thicker DPMS steel has to be manually removed. The only real issue was fwd assist had no effect on the carrier in any position. Me thinks the carrier is so tight in the upper that will solve itself in time. Fit and finish overall is just amazing. 7/8" group on day one from a $1350 AR10 is a nice start.

DPMS on left, Knight’s on right.

KAC magazine worked flawlessly whilst the DPMS is thicker steel would not drop free.

Looks like some sort of chrome plating inside the carrier.

Gas key staked.



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Building one currently. Hoping it turns out as nice as the one you have. Will be all aero parts so should work good.


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Aero Precision makes great stuff. I built a little carbine with their receiver set a few months ago and the parts are top notch.

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