AK Build Class !?!


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I am posting to see if there is sufficient interest to warrant the effort and money to conduct this class. Class is limited to 10 per class but will do multiple classes if necessary.

The purpose of this course is to provide knowledge to persons interested in building Kalashnikov rifles (AKM, AK74). Participants will build their rifle, test fire, zero according to soviet doctrine, and prove rifle at 300m. Cost of the class will depend upon the type of rifle the individual choses to build, but a standard fixed stock rifle built with nitride treated barrel, matching serial number parts kit with appropriate 922r compliant parts, and commercially manufactured receiver (NoDak, McKay, etc...) will be in the $800 range. Final costs depend upon the cost of parts at the time of order (prices are going up), range fees, and shop space rental.

Last year we hosted 2 Rifle Dynamics build classes which cost $1900 per student. We did this specifically to bring the knowledge and capability to Oklahoma. Rifle Dynamics did a fantastic job and we are grateful for their assistance and friendship. But our mission is to get this out to as many good men and women as possible. Its our way of protecting our second amendment rights. A rifle behind every blade of grass.


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I'm all the way interested. Definitely keep us updated and I'll do everything I can to be there.


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Answers to some of the questions that have been asked.

AKM (7.62) kits are typically Polish and have wood furniture or metal under folding stock. AK74 (5.45) kits are Bulgarian and wood or composite is available. I don't do Yugos or AMDs.
Some info about build options and their approximate additional parts costs: (exact price quotes cannot be given until payment is made and kits ordered. Prices and availability do fluctuate somewhat)

Side folding stocks require additional parts and are not cheap. Metal triangle side folder is an additional $184 plus shipping. Composite side folding stocks (are not always available due to import issues) and cost additional $254 plus shipping. These two options have to be built into the gun and cannot be done or changed afterward.

The following options can be done during the build or anytime afterwards.

Ultimak gas tube rail (allows co-witness with red dot) $98 plus shipping

Magpul composite furniture
Fixed stock $59
Side folding stock $99
Hand guard long $39 short $99
Pistol grip $25

Parts come with standard original finishes. I do have the capability to refinish parts (re-parkerizing) and/or using Alumahyde II. This however requires additional time/work on your part and the cost of the Alumahyde II (approx $13 per can).

Feel free to PM me with specific questions.


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Interested, but I just ordered a kit online. Will I be able to build a kit from a different vendor?


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I'll also add that, if you've never done this, it's a lot of fun! This isn't an AR build. Oh, you start with a box of pieces but this is as much or more metalsmithing as it is gunsmithing. Drilling the trunion holes, pressing the rivets, pressing the barrel...there's a lot to do. This is more like shop class than playing with Legos, like building an AR is. I can't wait to build another one. My next one will be built from a flat. That'll require bending the flat, welding in the rails, drilling the holes for rivets, and then heat treating. Again, I can't wait.


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Okay here' the scoop. The first class will April 1, 2, & 3. A Friday evening and two full days in Tulsa area. Class size will be strictly limited to ensure quality completion of builds. This class WILL NOT involve building your own receiver from a flat. That process is a weekend in and of itself. Participants will provide their own completed receiver for this class. Everything else will be provided. The cost will be $900, and I am working on getting that price lower if possible. Depends on cost of kits at the time of purchase, shop costs, and range rental (all subject to change and beyond my control). If those costs go up then so will the class fee. Once participants have paid their cost will NOT go up regardless of what happens.

Included in the class:

Complete parts kit for fixed stock AKM 7.62 or AK74 5.45 with Nitride treated barrel, correct rivets, pin retainer plate, Arsenal trigger group, and U.S. parts necessary to meet 922r compliance.

One magazine (steel for AKM 7.62 and composite for AK74 5.45)

Targets and 100 rounds of ammo for test fire, zero, and proving rifle to 300 meters

NOT INCLUDED but can be available at additional costs based on parts, etc:

Folding or adjustable M4 type stocks

Aftermarket pistol grips or furniture (i.e. Magpul Zhukov)

Ultimak railed gas tube

Optic side rail

Manual on building and caring for AK style rifles


Sight adjustment tool

ALG trigger group

NOTE: Parkerizing, Cerakote, or Alumahyde II will be an available options. Price to be determined based on color and finish
type desired

I know there are folks out there who have purchased kits and had them laying around gathering dust despite their best intentions. I plan on having a future class to help them as well (cost and details TBD). I do NOT have tooling or experience building AMD or Yugo kits and I don't really plan to unless demand is high enough to warrant the cost of the additional tools. I do build Russian, Polish, Egyptian, German, and Bulgarian AKs.

So there it is...I know this may not be exactly what or how everyone wants it but tough. I am trying to help fellow shooters, not make money. I could easily just up the prices and not worry about covering costs and potentially loosing money. If the demand is there I will do more classes and classes with receivers participants build from flats.

And for anyone who wants to flame on about the costs or terms consider this...

currently quality parts kits are $399
nitride barrels $99
trigger group $40
remaining U.S. parts to be 922r compliant $12-30 depending upon type
100 rounds ammo $27
Magazine AKM $11 AK74 $30

USSA range fee to rent out 300 meter bay $250/day
shop fee ?
wear and tear on my tools, jigs, drill bits, presses, etc ?
Our time away from work and family PRICELESS ha ha

I've NEVER built a rifle that didn't meet 3MOA standard. EVERY rifle I've built or helped someone build has had no problem repeatedly hitting torso size steel target at 300 meters. And no I do not hate M16/M4. I love them too.

PM with any questions or to make arrangements to sign up.

Mitch Rapp

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tacmedic said:
I've NEVER built a rifle that didn't meet 3MOA standard. EVERY rifle I've built or helped someone build has had no problem repeatedly hitting torso size steel target at 300 meters. And no I do not hate M16/M4. I love them too.
When we took mine to the range I was getting groups more along the lines of inch and a half. With the sights set up the proper way, I took the AK Tacmedic helped me build and today shot the Oklahoma Run n Gun and got all 3 required hits on the 500 yard torso plate. And it wasn't hard, run the slider out to the 500 mark, and that was it. Did that with the magazine as my only support, plus I was breathing pretty hard.

You won't get that from a $500 AK, but build one right and it will surprise you what it can do.

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Some of my builds


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More builds


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General Class Outline
Some topics will only be discussed in this class, others will be demonstrated, and some will be done by the participants. This is due to time constraints. (i.e. process for building receiver from flats will be discussed, drilling out improper rivets or for de-milling kits will be demonstrated, and steps for building correct AK will be done by participants)

History of Kalashnikov rifle
Models, Variations and correct names


Parts nomenclature and function

Rivets and proper riveting

Assembly of the receiver, proper headspace, and populating the barrel, installing trigger and hammer assembly

Magazine fit and types

Correct zeroing technique and use of AK sights (100m zero using standard Russian zero targets)

Proper care & maintenance and proper use of AK cleaning kit tools

Building tools

Various building techniques using alternative methods and tools

After market options: rails, optics, furniture, trigger groups, muzzle devices

Finish options: parkerizing, krylon, alumahyde, create

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1st time I have poked my head in here and I find this.. This is AWESOME, I'd love to put my name in here but I'm unlikely to put that much scratch together in 60 days.. Looks like I need to spend less time on FB and more time here..


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I will do classes to help my fellow shooters as long as there is sufficient interest to cover the expense.

I had to get started somewhere so this is the inaugural class if there are enough folks attending. Other dates are an option.

For those who have kits but never have gotten around to building them I will do a class. This is a little more work because kits have to be inspected to insure they are complete and proper. If the kits are not de-milled that's a days work on and of itself. Sometimes parts are damaged if they were improperly de-milled before kits are sold.


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Mitch PM'd with some questions and the answers may prove useful to others considering building their own AK

I have used Nodak, McKay, Morrisy, and Childers. None have ever given me an issue. Nodak cost more but are essentially made by the same people who make McKay. Childers is more expensive and specialize in custom stuff for looks.
Atlantic Firearms has them for around $60. I think they are currently out but will get more it.

Trunnion holes drilled or not is irrelevant. If they are predrilled they will work, if they are not we will drill them. Either way you will be shown different methods to drill the trunnion holes. Personally I prefer to drill my own but I've done it both ways and it doesn't make any difference.

What is critical is you get the right receiver for the caliber of your kit AKM or AK74. And for the type of stock you want. Fixed or side folder (side folder rear trunnion and stock is at least $200 more in parts). Magpul fixed and folding stocks work on the fixed stock receiver. Polish Tantals are NOT same and will not work with anything but a Tantal kit.

Q: type of kits used for the class

A: Polish AKM 7.62 kits or Bulgarian AK74 5.45 kits. This is due to quality, cost, and availability. Other kits are out there, namely Russian, German, Romanian (Romy G), and Egyptian. They are however much more expensive due to import bans and scarcity. You're welcome to build any of these if you wish to pay the added expense and we can find them.

I do not yet do Polish Tantal, Yugo or AMD builds.

Barrels can be steel, chrome lined, or nitride treated. I prefer nitride due to the longevity and accuracy. Some cold hammer forged barrels are out there for more money. Personally I don't feel they are worth it. But builders are free to choose for themselves.


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Q: "Can my son and I attend together building 1 rifle or do I have to take a second spot in the class?"
A: If you are building 1 rifle then that is 1 spot in the class and 1 fee. I certainly welcome parent and child doing this together. Or spouses doing it together. I think that's great. The goal as stated is getting as many good people exercising their 2A rights in the most economical and responsible manner. To equip participants with the material and knowledge to protect what we hold most dear.

I only ask that any children attending with their parent be mature enough to participate and follow directions. I reserve the right at any time to ask that children be removed or merely observe if it becomes a distraction or safety issue for the class, and adults too for that matter.

NOTICE: During the test fire, zeroing, and known distance shooting (proving rifle) VERY STRICT safety measures will be used, the line will be run using clear and concise range commands, NO safety violations will be tolerated.

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