Any Geocachers here?


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My family and I have dabbled on some 'in town' caches but I'd like to start getting out and doing some trail caching now that my youngest is old enough to do short day hikes. Anyone know of any good ones on which to take the kiddos? This is a great way to see the state. You can even sneak in a little window shopping at the local gun stores along the way ;)

If there's enough interest there could be a few BoomerShooter caches installed, as well.


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Is it basically using a gps to find a certain "cache" someplace? Anything from a license plate bolted to a rock - or a treasure chest.
i was pretty heavy into it a few years ago. i have one at the altus city reservoir at the disc golf course. i have a few more that i made up but never put out anywhere.

its a cool feeling when you find a big cache like a 50 cal ammo can full of stuff. you take something and add something of yours, sign the log and put it back. and some of them, are out in the open, you have to be sneaky about getting to it without the moogles seeing you.

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