Any NASAR members here?


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We (Coal Co. Task Force) are in the process of getting NASAR certified right now and I was just wondering if any of you guys here had been through it. By the end of next year all of us will be NASAR wildland SAR certified, swift water rescue certified, and low angle technical ropes certified. Most of us are already firefighters, either vol. or full time, and 6 of us are CLEET commissioned so we should have a well rounded group. We also have 2 paramedics to handle medical issues. Our goal is to be able to man at least a 7 man team to respond to disasters regardless of what it is.


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I was 25 some years ago. Went through a couple of the SAR Tech courses, the USBP tracking course, swift water, low and high angle rope, EMT-I, FF, Crash Rescue, Extrication, HazMat w/railcar speciality, FEMA PIO, a lot of the ICS courses, Radiological Monitor (Cold War, Baby!), Aerial SAR, AFRCC Search Mission Coordinator's Course and probably some other stuff. Even taught some courses in search interview techniques (very interesting from the psychological aspect), land nav, search tactics, and that kind of thing.

A lot of fun if you are young and tough, and I am not any longer. LOL. The 72 hour course isn't bad. The instructor can make or break the course. IIRC, some of the NASAR folks leaned toward the 'enviro' type, which usually was entertaining around the +P+ personalities in some of the courses.

I looked at becoming a member again and getting 're-active' but I usually get tasked with something else.

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