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Here is the latest iteration of mine. She's constantly changing. Got her pretty much the way I want her now other than I want a better optic. The Bushnell PCL 1-4 is good enough for now, but I'd like either a Vortex Razor HD II or the Trijicon VCOG. one of those will come soon. And before someone asks, there is a reason for the red tape on the mag and optic. Started out on just the magazine so I could find them easier if I dropped one on a reload. Ended up putting it on the optic also when I built my 300 blackout hunting rifle. The 300BO AR has green tape on the mags and optic. My ammo cases are red for the .223 / 5.56, and green for the 300BO. Color coded them and don't mix mags.



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Jennifer Seymour said:
You really should share you AR hoarder! Nice group of guns!
The list has actually grown since a new safe and guns are like goldfish, they'll grow to the tank.

(I may have a problem, but admitting it means It's ok, right?)


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While I have been away look what I managed to glue together.

I ended up a bit short so i just picked up the cheapest handguard and flash hider i could find. as well as a few other parts I saved money on so I could complete the build.


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mike cyrwus said:
a champion shooter could win a championship with that rifle.
as soon as I get back on my feet then I intend to take it to a 3gun or something of the like ;)

Burk Cornelius

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Same AR. New Ace ARFX stock


Bob Sanders

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Start of something special...I hope!

CMMG lower, looks like a 2 stage trigger already installed. DelTon upper I got from prize table. Magpul rifle stock is in the mail.


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Finally finished - from my Loki stripped lower group buy. LOL Got my wife through nursing school, so I finally got to finish it.

Going to be my hunting rifle/poodle shooter.

Bob Sanders

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My 2015 FrankenStag 3G is complete! Miculek comp, Stag 3G barrel, 15" Troy rail, RCA (kinda) low mass bcg, JP buffer and spring, Stag lower, Magpul stock.


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