AR platform Brass Catcher


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Want to get any and all feedback on a brass catcher. No competitions, just plinking in the back 80. Don't want to have to dig through the cow patties to find brass.
Anyway, what have you used?
How did it work for you?
What would you do differently?
Other recommendations?
Thanks in advance for the info.


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Spencer (Lucky Ducky) used to use a brass catcher on his AR during matches.
PM him to find out which type it was.


I have the one from Midway that is $9.
When I first got it, it didn't work that well, but after finding out how to get it strapped on it did pretty good. The nylon net was crimped, probably because of heat when it was delivered, but I took the wifes hair dryer and fluffed it up.
I think it would work better if there were a support under the net that allowed the spent rounds to shoot out naturally, then fall.
I'll try that the next time I'm at the range and see if that helps.

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