Badlands Tactical AR Armorer


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Badland’s AR Armorer class was their first class I ever pondered the value. What little complex AR work I need gets farmed out to an individual that does great work. In the past I always leave Badlands overwhelmed thinking what have I done to myself and why didn’t I do it sooner, so I bit.

It really turned into so much more than a build class. I learned more of actual bolt function which gave me a better appreciation for the why and how to maintain bolt components especially for suppressed AR’s. Instruction included pros and cons of various build tools, a multitude of malfunction diagnostics AND reliability enhancements.

Instructor Michael Lake demonstrating proper torque wrench technique.

Overall the weekend was well worth my time and treasure. 2/3’s of the class were active LEO, many recently moved to armorer positions within their own departments. Several LEO students had attended factory armorer classes previously and expressed appreciation to Lake for not directing his class into a product sales demonstration.

Well done Badlands, looking forward to future armorer courses.