Badlands Tactical Emergancy Casualty Care


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A couple of weeks ago I attended Badland's first Tactical Emergency Casualty Care(TECC) class in SW Oklahoma. Last several years they taught Tactical Combat Casualty Care(TCCC). Badlands joined C-TECC this year to implement the civilian side of TCCC. This was my second full medical/first aid class ever, so to say I was overwhelmed would be an understatement. Badlands incorporates B-CON, bleeding control, during the introduction/safety phase of all live fire classes. I believe all firearms training facilities should work B-CON into their curriculum.

TECC focuses on gunshot wounds, but has significantly more skills training than tourniquets and wound packing. Course covered care under fire with simulated scenarios featuring live role players, wound assessment skills, treatment procedures using M.A.R.C.H and M.I.S.T. acronyms, use of casualty card data, tourniquet types/application, sucking chest wound seals and hemorrhage control. There was also discussion regarding levels of treatment by "good Samaritans" vs. First Responders. One advanced treatment demonstration for pneumothorax decompression used simulated skin and ribs with an actual pneumothorax needle. Watch the video below.

This type of training is needed by all shooters whether training for sport or defense. Accidents and bad guys happen, we need to be prepared. There are a number of facilities that offer this type of training today. If you choose Badlands I think you'll be happy with the instructors, curriculum and facility.

As always housing is included with tuition!



Great post, and I totally agree. I got gunshot training in the military but it was many moons ago so a refresher would certainly be in order. You never know when that training can come into play.