Bald Eagle Nests off Avery Drive


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I know your post is a joke, but actually, I'm pretty good friends with the Osage county Game Ranger. He got a call from somebody at Kaw Lake reporting somebody shooting at an eagle. He got to the area, saw a vehicle, and found two guys with a dead eagle on the ground with the breasts cut out. They didn't have a clue what they had just shot. It got real expensive, real quick.

How the hell do you not know what you just shot?

Its our National Emblem!!


If you are interested in eagles here is a link to a livestream of an eagles nest in Decorah Iowa at one of the state fish hatchery's. The pair of eagles has used this nest for the last 9-10 years to hatch and raise their brood. They mated last week and should drop the eggs near the end of the month. It is free and on 24/7. Last year they had 3 eggs hatch and 2 made it to dly away. If the link doesn't work do a google search of 'Decorah Eagles'.


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I have been checking the eagle cam up by Washington,D.C. The other night there was quite a bit of action when a great horned owl showed up. It was hard to make out but was posted that there was part of a kill left in the nest by the adult eagles. They managed to run the owl off with no visiable injuries. The male bird has a small black spot on top of his head. His name is Ben. His mate is Belle. The other day Ben came in and landed on the side of the nest and Belle chewed him out good. He didn't stay long. Sound familar?