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Bob Sanders

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Since I'm not made of money, and support 3 other shooters, which would be the best bang for my shooting dollars? Continue using factory XDm holster and get a trigger job, or get a CR Speed belt and Bladetech DOH holster?


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First let me say welcome to the forum!

I'd think the improved trigger will do more for you shooting A's than a holster. You can practice with you current rig and get the most you can out of your draw. ( And if you're shooting production, you have to be careful with those DOH holsters. Production division has very specific rules concerning where and how the gun is in relation to your belt and body. That DOH may be fine at your local match where nobody watches that closely or cares but if you take your shooting seriously and you decide to go shoot at Tier II or higher match with an illegal holster it cause a lot of heartache.

Good luck on your decision, and good luck supporting all those shooters!


The Springer precision trigger is pretty sweet. I just installed one on my buddy's xdm.
It does require some fitting.


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I remember asking a similar question to this when I got started on another board. I got what I feel like was some really good advice, get an inner/outer belt setup. Most people will be more likely to gear up and do dry fire practice if all they have to do is slap on the outer belt and get to work.


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You can find a uncle mikes belt for around $20 and they work great.

There are also a few individuals on this forum that make holsters at a reasonable price also.

Then spend your extra money on bullets and gas.


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As long as the holster is not holding you back (difficult time with drawing, gun sticking in the holster, etc.), you would probably be better off with the trigger job. Yes, you can get use to the current trigger and dry/live-fire more but you only draw 4-7 times in a local match but you press the trigger about 80-120 times. My money would probably be on the trigger...and they are sweet!


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I got a trigger job for my 45acp XDM and it was the best thing I could have ever done for me and the gun! It is a 2lb trigger that improved my hits and my splits!! It is the best trigger I have ever felt in a polymer gun!!!

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Bob Sanders

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I'm thinking of getting the PRP drop in trigger. I shoot, as well as 2 others in my family, the XDm .40 4.5". Youngest son has an XD Tactical 5".

Bob Sanders

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Kind of resurrecting an old thread, but I dropped in a PRP trigger, solid guide rod, and extended mag release. But I've been waiting 5 weeks for a Bladetech DOH and CR Speed belt on back order. Ughhhh!

Bob Sanders

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Burk Cornelius said:
Should have went to for the belt. Make sure you confirm the DOH holster is production legal
Well, it's supposed to be Production legal, at least last year it was. Some problem about nobody shoots the 4.5" XDm, back ordered, give you the 5.25 model. I just figure if I'm going to pay for one, I may as well get the correct one. But, yes, I am lookiing at Boomershooter sponsors first for my future needs.

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