Bladetech Mag Pouches for USPSA production?


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Production you are limited to 10 rounds in magazine after the beep.

A long course could have 32 rounds (No Misses)

You will need at least three pouches (30 rounds) on belt and 10-11 rounds in gun.


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Ryan Alexander said:
I like the single pouches and have 5 on my belt

The doubles serve a purpose but winning is not one of them. The pro series adjustable pouches are where it's at.
The pro series were originally what I looked at but for production they all have to be behind the hip and when there's 5 mag pouches it gets a little tight.


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Michael Siironen said:
Does anyone use the bladetech pro series mag pouches for production
I use them for everything. I should make sure you know BladeTech sponsors me. But I bought about 10 pouches before that happened.

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