BoomerShooter Sporting Clays Tournament

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Burk Cornelius

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I haven't quite landed on a price but we will be fair and still try to make a little for the site.

The 3rd or 4th Saturday of the month looks like it has the least conflict.

That would mean one of these 4 dates
Sept 17 or 24
October 15 or 22

3rd Saturday of the Month
USPSA - Indian Territory Practical Shooters - Duke, OK
USPSA - Alpha Training Academy - Pryor, OK
USPSA - West Texas Practical Shooters - Levelland, TX
ProAm - USSA - Tulsa, OK
ICORE (September) - OKC Gun Club - Arcadia, OK
Steel Challenge (October) - OKC Gun Club - Arcadia, OK

4th Saturday of the Month
USPSA - Double Tap Ranch - Wichita Falls, TX
USPSA - USSA - Tulsa, OK
IDPA - Oil Capital Rod & Gun Club - Tulsa, OK
Steel Challenge - Ponca City Rifle and Pistol Club - Ponca City, OK
Action Pistol - Tri City Gun Club - Norman, OK



WHAT? What happened to "just pick a Saturday and do it"? (said with a sarcastic slightly mocking voice of a small child......................)

no i was just saying i was doing it also.... trust me no matter what day you pick somebody will have something going on.. if you pick that day that i am busy i won't complain... it is just the way it goes..


Come on folks! From what I'm seeing there are lots of good shooters that have never ventured into the shotgun world. Trust me, its just as humbling as any other shooting discipline when you start. Then the addiction takes over. I came from the shotgun world to action shooting, but wouldn't go back full time like before, as I like the action shooting. shooting the clays in skeet, trap, 5 stand, or sporting clays is a total challenge to your shooting skills and will only make one a better 3 gun shooter when they use the flying clays as part of the competition.

Y'all think you get some change into your action shooting sports. Well, wait until you see what a starter trap gun Krieghoff costs. Around 7 grand the last time I looked.

That's just what the starter pro's use. Advanced pro's can range much higher.

Sporting clays is what it says. It simulates actual hunting situations, for different specie of game, plus a few twists thrown in. ;)

I've considered anybody hitting 50% in sporting clays to be a pretty good shooter.

A modified choke will make it through a sporting clay round, so any competition gun will work. I started second guessing what choke to use, and found that the modified works just fine.

Don't pass up a chance to have a good time, and challenge yourself and your gear. The fact you may miss a steel challenge, or whatever, won't be the end of the world. ;)

Burk Cornelius

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Silverleaf doesn't normally book tournaments on the weekend but I might be able to get September 17. The only local match this would conflict with is the ICORE match at OKCGC. Without doing a weekday, this is the day with the LEAST conflict.

Burk Cornelius

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Looks like we got us some interest, I will get the announcement and entry forms posted shorty.
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