BoomerShooter Sporting Clays Tournament

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It's been over 20 years since I've had my remy 1100 out bird huntin', and probably a couple years since it's seen daylight for some play time.

So for sporting clays do you guys take out the plug to hold more rounds or leave it in place like in the field?


Fill in the Blank can pull the plug out.... But I cannot recall any clays station I've ever encountered tha offered enough time to shoot more than 4....

In clays ... Most designers are big on pairs. True pairs, or 2 birds at a time or "report pairs" are pretty common. The report pair is the second bird is sent on the report of your shot at the first...

Every station has a diagram that tells the shooter what the targets will be and the order and direction they will be sent.
Birds can be crossing, coming at you, away from you, or passing over head. A good course can be hellishly fun.

I agree with Dennis... A good casual shotgunner who hits 50% is a pretty good shooter.


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Don't even think about loading more than 2 in your gun. They will ask you to leave and NEVER come back.

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Seems awfully harsh.

2 shells max is normal for every sporting clays range, competition, and registered events I've ever seen. The rules are the rules for safety. There isn't a need for more than 2 in the gun at any time, honestly. Except for a flurry or a similar game, most shotgun sports are very strict about having 1 or 2 shells in the gun at a time.

If it were more than 50targets it might draw more attention for people to drive a decent distance to attend? Most sporting clay competitions are 100 targets+. Just a thought.


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ID stick around for 100 birds if the temps aren't kiling us by that time. The 2nd 50 are usually 10% better than the first.


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if rules are rules so be it. Plug in... 2 shot max.

We had a clay course at the Conservation club I belonged to up north. I guess we were kinda redneckish about it. In context, I will say that I watched a buddy load 5 and shoot all 5 at a crossing pair. The last 3 shots were of no avail... the birds were out of range or on the ground by the time he fired those Hail Marys. I guess I never really thought about it much... I shoot a double gun so I guess my brain skipped over that part when I read Silverleafs policy.

Still... about the most fun you can have with a shotgun unless your on a real quail feild.

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Standing invitation:

I'm a member of a nice Sporting Clays club in Ft. Smith.
I'll be happy to take any BS'er there as my guest for a round of Clays.

The guest fee is cheap ($20) and Sporting Clays is like golf with a shotgun.
So, come shoot a pistol or multigun match in Ft Smith, and then we'll head out after lunch to shoot some Clays.

We also have a Wednesday evening league during daylight months (open to non-members).
$25 to enter and there's payback to the HOA team and Lewis team. Teams are chosen at random draw.

I'd love to come over to Silverleaf for a BS Sporting Clays match, but dang thats a long drive for 50 birds.


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You can count us in. We will bring a team for this one, so thats 4 that will be there! going to be a fun fun day!
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