Budget 5.56 barrel

Scott Hearn

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PSA has a 16" NATO 1-8 4150V with nitride treating for $99 right now. If I were looking for cheap that would probably be it.


El Diablo
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cajunautoxer said:
So I have a friend that I'm sent him the parts to build an AR. The only thing he needs a barrel. This rifle isn't going to be used for hunting or competition. What's a consensus on a barrel for less than $200? Either 14.5" or 16"

I was looking at Anderson Manufacturing website and do they make the barrels for Nordic?

I'm pretty sure Anderson doesn't make barrels for Nordic. I'm not 100% sure but I think Nordic makes their own.

Out of curiosity, why would you think Anderson makes Nordic's barrels?


Nordic Barrels are made from Wilson blanks from what I recall. Sub $200 quality barrel would be Ballistic Advantage.