Burris XTR

Who's shooting the Burris XTR and how well do you like it? I'm using a Tac30 and it's been a great scope especially for $280 I spent on it but would like a little clearer glass. I was wondering how the eye relief is and how you do you like the reticle? Thanks.


.22 LR
I love mine. I do think the glass is better than the MTAC. I think the reticle is a lot better if you plan to shoot past 400 yds. 500+ hits are no trick. I dont use the illumination in mine, not a fan of illum reticle, but it is pretty bright. Just my IMO

James Peel

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My son has been running the XTR on his rifle for a couple of months. He won the long distance rifle stage at the NTMG match in March against some top level guys, which brought a lot of guys over to see what kind of scope he was using :)

After shopping around for scopes, looking at everything between $500 and $1500, I decided to go with the XTR as well. The illumination could be brighter, but honestly that's the only feature I'd change on the scope.

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