Businesses That Do NOT Support Firearms Carry

Dustin Cantrell

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I wouldn't label Lowes as being anti gun based on your encounter with Angela. Who was Angela? I suspect the corporation has their stance and Angela had her own and did not speak in line with the company's stance. I'm not trying to stand up for Lowes, but they have many people working for them and some may not act in accordance with their direction.


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okshooter26 said:
I was just told by a lowes employee named Angela at the store on north Kelly Ave in Edmond Oklahoma. That I needed toove to another area of the store because a parent complained that a man with a gun made them uncomfortable. I wonder if they would treat someone the same way If a parent was uncomfortable with African Americans? By the way I checked with the manager they allow OC. They just harass anyone that does it.
Ha!! This is the point where I would have asked them to point out the customer in question. Then I would inform the customer about the necessary qualifications to carry said firearm on your person.


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I've OC'd in the Broken Arrow Lowes on numerous occasions, nothing but positive feedback from all. Never a negative comment, look, or anything else, from anyone.


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Don't judge us by your encounter with one employee. Many people at my store are not only firearm owners but have our ccw. Call corporate, managers do not like corporate complaints and the issue will be dealt with swiftly.


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I've been going full Burk and carrying 100% of the time for the last several days. Last week there was a "No weapons/guns" sign up at Quail Springs Mall. Today I went there to get new glasses, and the signage was all gone.


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All of the Hooters in OKC have changed their NO GUNS policy to just "No Open Carry" They ordered a bunch of decals from us to change out the ones that said "No Weapons"
I guess they were getting a lot of shit of their customers that was enough to change their minds (slightly) on the policy.


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At least you could do like Texas, make the requirements for the sign very specific. In Texas they can post all the "No weapons allowed signs" they want but if it isn't in the state required format as to text size ,color and wording it is not enforceable. :triniti:


I am new to Oklahoma (from Indiana) and am amazed at how many place do not allow you to carry. You can put Cooper BMW of Edmond on your list. I did let them know how displeased I was about it.


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I'm sure I'm the only guy on these boards who will go there but a little burger stand in Locust Grove, Shorty's, had No Weapons signs when we went there last night. I said that sucks and the wife asked what, I told her and she, surprisingly, said, well lets go somewhere else then. And we turned around and left.


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In TX I saw a lot of signs that said something like "unlicensed possession of a firearm is prohibited on these premises."

I thought that was pretty cool.

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Living in the Metro, I have yet to encounter anyone who was open carrying, other than myself. I was in the very first Open Carry Retention Class that H&H offered. Obviously most people opt not to do so. I open carry quit a bit as well as conceal. The company that I work for in Penn. Square Mall doesn't allow it, and the Mall is posted. So I honor that. I have open carried in Quail Springs Mall a few times, it is not posted. Numerous restaraunts, groceries, businesses etc. I conceal carry only at church, it would otherwise be a distraction and it is very crowded where I attend. The church exception being at an annual Beast Feast event that involved a hunting and sport shooting event, which included a gun display. Open carry was permitted, so i did. The only restaraunt I encountered with a no open carry firearms allowed was at Java Dave's in DT Edmond. A number of the patrons had noticed me approach outside. I stopped at the door, noticed the posting, put my fire arm back in the car and wore an empty open holster in. Ha No problem. Most people don't even notice me open carrying. I had lunch with a couple friends a short time ago at BJ's near Quail Springs. Neither of them noticed I was carrying until we were leaving in the parking lot. I don't open carry standing in ammo lines at Dicks or Academy. But I do open carry there otherwise.


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Big Truck Tacos just announced that lawful carry is back by popular demand at their location. They stated that they didn't mean to offend anyone. :)


I'm a member of that organization.
We take kids that have never hunted before, along with a parent on deer hunts around the state.

They get a Hunter Education Certificate for starters.

Farmers and Ranchers donate hunt areas, so that volunteers from the organization take these kids and their parents on weekend hunts. They get to hunt, camp, and most times get to take a deer.

There is a lot more to it, but that is basically what we do.

The Elk hunt Raffle that I post in the Hunting Forum is one of the fund raisers used to fund this project.

TacticalK9 said:
i dont know.

I do know Steak 'N Shake has gun related donation bins.