Caracal approved for USPSA Production

Burk Cornelius

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Two models of Caracal pistol, the C and F have been added to the USPSA Production gun list.

C barrel 3.66" 9mm (24.69 oz.) and the F barrel 4.09" (26.45 oz.)



i have shot it.. (can't remember which) but it aims really high or low. Every (major) gun i have picked up (XD, Glock, M and P) has a good natural point of aim. this one when i would pull the gun into my sight it was pretty off (wasn't just me either the other guys that were dry firing it had the same issue), then i live fired it and it was pretty good trigger, pretty light, etc... it is not a bad gun, (for me) there was nothing that i felt like it did better than a glock, m and p, XD.... just my opinion..

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