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My Looper belt is nice enough to pass as a dress belt. I actually quit wearing non carry belts I like my Looper belts so much.
I carry my s/w 380 bg and a spare mag in my slacks pocket, shorts, and jeans front or rear pocket depending on where I'm going. I use the desantis pocket holster for has a detachable flap that you can use to make it flat and look like a wallet in your back pocket... You still have to watch bending over as the top is exposed in a back pocket. It's just a pain in the butt to shoot compared to a glock....loooonngg pull and a stiffer than your mother in laws heart

I'm waiting on a iwb from Ky-Tac for my g-19 to carry about 5 o'clock or appendix if I can stay away from the damn oreos. I also looked at iwb from com-tac...


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I've got the Bulldog PDA Case/holster for my Taurus 738 tcp. Looks just like a smartphone case on my belt. On the rare occasion that I need to wear a suit jacket or sport coat I just move my phone to my inside breast pocket and nobody knows the diffrence. One of these days I might upgrade to the leather Sneeky Pete version especally if I get a G26.

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Once a year I revive this thread to see what everyone carries and how they carry in a suit. I attend an Annual Convention for Oklahoma Land Surveyors each spring and always try to find the most efficient way to carry in a suit. This year I have a new option available and think I will just go with it since I will have my jacket off most of the time.

Ruger LCP in a Looper pocket holster




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a J Frame in a Galco Ankle completely disappears and is extremely comfortable to wear every day.

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Still wear a suit or sport coat every Sunday, and on most Wednesdays, during the week I carry in a Looper leather/kydex hybrid holster, in my suit I use a leather pancake holster. Currently carry a G30.

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Shoulder rig maybe? I'm not to comfortable with pocket carry, maybe like a 640 or something. Not to sure...... I don't wear suits so I don't know.
Ankle carry?


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Last year when I posted I was carrying a P3AT in a pocket hoster most of the time. Now I have upgraded to a Kahr CM9 for my pocket gun, and like it better in just about every way. It is a little bigger, but not enough to matter... I can pocket carry it in any pants I own. That said I don't do "skinny jeans" or western wear... but I don't think you could pocket carry anything anyway with those. The Kahr completely outclasses the Kel-Tec as a fighting gun... it is much more reliable, much easier to hit with, and is in a much more potent caliber that I can actually get good self defense ammo for. I don't know why anybody messes with the pocket .380s anymore when you can get something like the CM9... it is better than a J-frame in just about every way too. I almost always carry a spare mag when I am carrying the Kahr. A 7 rounder fits easily and comfortably in my back pocket.

With my suit I could go with the tuckable IWB setup with my M&P .40... I have done that a few times... but it doesn't work well for everyday use for me because I am frequently going in and out of buildings where carry is prohibited and which have metal detectors I have to go through. Pocket carry is just so much easier to don and doff in the car. An IWB holster with J-hooks for the belt is easy enough to put on in the car, but tucking the shirt over it is a PITA... and for most of the year I don't wear the jacket unless I'm in the courthouse. Sometimes when I carry IWB with the suit I will just take the jacket off and open carry... but I don't like to do that too much since my IWB holster doesn't have anything more than friction retention. If I'm just going out to eat, or otherwise know that I won't have to take the gun off at all, I will do the tuckable IWB thing... but the vast majority of the time it's pocket carry.

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