Century Canik


Looks good to me
They had one as a stage gun at Superstition Mountain Mystery 3Gun. It seemed like a great gun, especially for the price. Another shooter had one setup for CO. He replaced the trigger and a spring (maybe, I don't remember specifically what he did), and it had an amazing feel. I think his aftermarket mods cost him less than $100 IIRC.


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How much are we talking? I see these all the time posted in a facebook group. I can't decide if they are joking or not.


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$450 is best I’ve seen. Best I found just now is $500. Must be selling, 2 of 3 places are out of stock


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A friend of mine brought one to the range around thanksgiving (I think), and it was a fun gun to shoot. Fit MY hand well, shot well. Though we didn't shoot but a couple of boxes of ammo. He had mounted a super cheap knock off slide ride red dot which had issues, but the gun ran fine.

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