Crossbow bolt recommendation?


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I am going to have to borrow a buddy's crossbow for opening weekend and will buy my own bolts/broadheads. However, I don't know what to get. Can anyone help me out with a really good quality set of bolts? Does the type of crossbow matter like weight/length do for bows? Thanks in advance!


Bolts for Xbows are just like conventional bows. Every weight/length will shoot different. I have the Excalibur Equinox Xbow with 20" bolts that Excalibur recommends. They also recommend a 150 grain broadhead that is exclusive to them. Can't buy it anywhere else. They feel that the heavier broadhead give the bolt a weight forward advantage to make them more accurate.
I don't shoot mine as much as they do, so I take their advice and run with it.

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