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This is one of the three **NEW** .22 rimfire rifles I've received from distributors over the last year. The CZ 457 MTR, has been a fantastic performer from the bench with various brands of .22 rimfire ammunition. What I call "mid-level" ammunition brands such as CCI Standard, Wolff Target and Norma-TAC .22, have produced some amazingly accurate results from this rifle:


The reason why, as to what I've noticed is the "match chamber" that has been reamed into all the CZ 457 MTR barrels. I have also found, the same as others have posted, that the CZ 457 MTR has the last phase of bolt turn-down, when chambering a round, to be a little bit harder than on the normal CZ 453, 455, & 457 rifles. Here's why:


The bolt forces the round being chambered to become engraved by the leade on its forward driving band, to the point where that round is centered in the bore. Groups prove that this rifle "can do it" even better when premium .22 rimfire ammunition is fired in this very same rifle. Here is a five (5) shot sight qualifying group, that I shot using SK Rifle Match ammunition before shooting my "Tack-Driver Target" challenge:


The SK Rifle Match Target is on the left and the right target was shot with ELEY Match, yellow box at 45 yards.

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