CZ makes a 25rd mag for my CZ 455 varmint. Yay!


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I ordered a 10rd and 25rd from CZ. Not sure how long they have been out , but I know I've had rifle few years with no luck finding anything over 10rd mags. I'll be taking it out tomorrow see how it functions. Not sure if there are many CZ 455 22lr fans here , but I'll write up a functioning review tomorrow. On initial look,feel,and fit really happy with the mags quality.


BrandonM(TWSS) said:
Can you shoot bolt action in steel challenge?
Well crap. I was looking at the extended mag like a liberal gun grabber on steroids. :D

I do think you can. Tube mags are not allowed at the OKCGC steel matches. We have had one person show up with a tube fed lever gun at Ponca and gave him a pass.
OKC and Ponca are bandito matches so I'm not sure what the official SC rules say.


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The reason we don't allow tube fed rifles at okc is because when you run empty you have to sweep yourself to refill. We just can't allow any safety violations.

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I understand you could do it, but why would you? Probably the same reason nobody shoots the Mossberg MVP rifle in 3 gun.


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I true badass can win even with bolt gun! I've been looking at the cz512 , but contemplating building a 10/22. Still doing research on best barrel for accuracy.

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