Dick's Non-Sporting Goods and Golf Galaxy


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For those of us that actively choose where to spend, or not spend, our hard earned money, I have a new one to add to the list.

Was trying on some clothes at Golf Galaxy in OKC and in the dressing room was a flyer for a points program with, wait for it...Dick's Sporting Goods!

Oh, hell no. I got dressed, walked to the front and asked the young lady at customer service if Golf Galaxy was owned by Dicks. With a look on her face that proved she had been asked this many times before with less than positive results, she said, "Yes"?

I said, thank you and left without spending what could have been a couple hundred bucks.

Decisions have consequences. Dick's will have to live with theirs.

Golf Galaxy is now in my no-go zone.


Dicks are dicks. They have been off my list for a long time along with Cheaper than Dirt. CTD screwed me on a gun deal, and I don't forget. Still subscribe to their catalogs so I can personally throw them unopened into the trash knowing I just cost them some more money to mail it to me. I figure in about 10 more years I'll be even with them money wise.

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