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Mitch Gibson said:
Does it use ladder-logic, or is it a visual graphic system? I doubt a PLC would be code-driven for instructions. I've only worked with Allen-Bradley systems.
I've seen PLCs that could be programmed with a C-like language but they cost more than you'd want to spend for reloading shit.

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A ton of great ideas here... Thanks guys!

I just went through the intermittent primer feed on my 550. Polished everything up and was working like a charm.


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Anyone have tips, tricks and mods for a super 1050? Had mine just over a year and have loaded about 5oo rounds of 223, 1k 40 and 2k or so 9mm.


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Been a year since I posted in this thread but this is a cheap mod that works great.

Stick a magnet on the side of the case feed clamp and it will catch steel cases and stop the collator.

Shut off the collator, lower the magnet/case into the tube, snap out the tube and lift the case out with the magnet. Snap tube back in place and turn collator back on.



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Since I moved for the third time in 5 years I just now got my 550 back up and running. I've done nothing but BE's as it should be mods but man I like the led And tabs for the buttons. And I ordered the Arredondo Powder knob today as well.

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