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Just a tip for the Mr. Bullet feeder(MBF). I use the MBF to load 9mm, 38SPC and recently started loading 380 Auto. While loading 380 Auto, the projectiles would turn and then get stuck in the dropper feed spring and in the top of the dropper assembly of the bullet feeder because they are a shorter length bullet. Fixed the problem by using the 223 dropper feed spring because the spring has a narrower diameter, the projectiles don't turn and get stuck. Also, don't forget to relocate those BB's and clip to the lower slot because of the shorten bullet length.


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unique tech makes a primer catch upgrade. You can drill a hole in the table and run the primers through. Great upgrade!


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If you drill out the base of a 44 case (mag or SPL) loosen the stock bracket and slide it in and snug the screws, you will have a hose adapter for a 650 for free.


A 38 case can work for an SD.

If you don't mind the cup but want to make sure none bounce out, a sliver of 1/2" box tube welded to the stock bracket works.



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Picked up this light at the LGS. Seen them at the Home Depot as well. Little bit of sticky sided velcro and you're in business. uploadfromtaptalk1409503902723.jpg


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Replaced stock shell plate for FFB #5, removes all case wobble, eliminates drag from sloppy tolerances. No more thrown loose powder!

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