Do you typically carry a reload


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serious question - do you need an extra mag if you are carrying a back up? I don't carry an extra mag, but when I carry, I carry two: one on the ankle and one on the hip.


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Funnily enough, I assumed this meant "Do you carry reloaded ammo when you carry concealed?" I'm not sure I would do that, even though I've loaded up my own personal handloads for home defense.


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serious question - do you need an extra mag if you are carrying a back up? I don't carry an extra mag, but when I carry, I carry two: one on the ankle and one on the hip.

The short answer is "Yes"

The long answer is actually a question: "Can you get your BUG out faster than you can reload?"

I look at a BUG as having its primary purpose as a 'hand-off' gun to someone unarmed or as a replacement to a F'ed up or lost primary gun. But that's just me.


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Hope to see you in a class or on the range sometime!!! From your post you've got the right mind set!! :pDT_Armataz_01_37:

Yes I always carry a spare Mag or two Always!!! In a fight the gun Will malfunction more than normal, I want a way to fix it!!

I shot Will's classes II and III last year. I dont put your screename with your face but I bet we have seen each other.

Maybe I can shoot IV this spring? Looking forward to it.


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I shot Will's classes II and III last year. I dont put your screename with your face but I bet we have seen each other.

Maybe I can shoot IV this spring? Looking forward to it.

Im an instructor for WIll, Big guy with a beard, Spencer my real name.

I'm sure Ill see you there.


I carry reloads for every gun I am carrying. Historically it has always been 2 reloads for the primary and BUG, latley it has only been 1 for the primary and 2 for the BUG because I only had one mag pouch for the M&P. I've since rectified that situation but need to get back in the habit of two reloads.

Mag related failures are the #1 failure for modern semi autos so I want to be able to fix that problem, I've also fumbled reloads before and grabbing a second off the belt is easier than crawling around for the one I dropped.


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Truth is I also don't always carry a spare magazine and admit that shouldn't happen. So after being lucky and never needing it will repent and carry at least another, just in case. There really isn't a good reason not to is there?


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I always carry a reload in my weak side front pocket... Even after I start carrying a BUG I'll keep the reload because mag issues seem to relate to a lot of malfunctions & simply changing a mag can get you back in the fight...

I view the BUG as the last ditch "Oh $#!t" effort of surviving...


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Single stack 1911 is loaded with 8 + 1 in the pipe.
Always carry a 2nd mag - to fight my way to my rifle.


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Fixed it for ya!

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He looks at me, smiles and says "No problem, lets finish up, boss". So we hung around while doing the paper work and waiting to get dispatched to the next ticket. We pulled away after about a half hour... the guy was pounding and screaming the whole time.

Tulsa and parts of OKC are bad... but down in Ft Lauderdale and the West Palm Area hookers, empty needles, gang bangers, have been a part of every day life for a long, long time. Gunfire was heard nearly every night. Asking for the police usually made matters worse.

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Well I suppose I am someone of an outcast as I rarely carry an extra magazine. No real good reason why not, just that my pockets are typically all full and anything else on the belt and my pants are going to be falling down even more. Like I said, no real good reason.

Some of the things that you all have said, has really got me rethinking my carry firearm. I typically carry a G19 IWB with no reload. When clothing does not allow IWB (tucked in shirt) I carry my 442 on my ankle because I figure something is better than nothing. The statement that got me thinking was that most carry a reload because most malfunctions are magazine related. So I am now thinking, would a single stack with 3 magazines (one in the firearm and 2 reloads) be better than a G19 with the single mag? Weight would probably be close to about the same, but I would be more prepared for when Murphy slaps me in the face.

Well thank you all, I will probably now be looking to add another firearm to the collection. The wife will be SO happy. :021:


Running out of ammo is the #1 malfunction of all firearms.

If you carry a semi auto... a mag failure leaves you "dead in the water"... you may not need the cartridges- but a spare feeder comes in handy.

You know I never thought of that and apparently neither did anyone else I have talked to here-to-fore. Mostly the argument was "you don't want to run out of ammo in a fight". My take was that if it takes more than 6 rounds to end a fight then I stayed around too long (although my current carry auto holds 13). I knew this but it just never clicked: A jam that requires dropping the mag would require a second mag to make a quick recovery. You have changed my mind sir! Thank you. I will now be in possession of no less than 1 spare mag when carrying.


I wake up in the morning and go to bed at night with a Kel-Tec .380 pocket gun, and use a desantis pocket holster that has a space for a spare mag. So, to answer the OP, Yes I do carry a spare mag.
In the vehicle there is a bigger gun available, or two, depending if heading to the farm.


Always carry a spare mag for my primary and never a spare for my BUG. I would try to reload my primary before going to my BUG. Also carry small sheath knife (Buck #7)IWB in front of my spare mag carrier on the off side.