Five-0 Tactical Handgun Operator Course in Tulsa


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Handgun Operator is the first of Five-0's CCW trilogy and my first class with Chuck. I've attended a number of fundamentals classes over the years for reinforcement and always learned something new. Saturday proved no different and started with safety/medical briefing. Being a basic fundamentals class with several inexperienced shooters, cold range rules were strictly enforced. 12 students is a fairly large class, but the syllabus was followed closely and both instructors maintained safety extremely well.

Instruction began with Chuck demonstrating proper grip and sight alignment, then separated groups for dry fire and live fire instruction. A TRT TAP RACK dummy round magazine insert was provided each student to prevent slide lock making dry fire drills much more efficient. As groups rotated to live fire, Chuck had each student build a proper grip and drew index lines on our hands to help us track grip position. This really helped during dry fire drills. Next our sights were taped, which I'd never heard before, then live fire began. Most of us actually shot tighter groups at 3 yards with tape. This led to discussion of the mental aspect of shooting fundamentals which was the biggest eye opener of the class for myself.

After lunch live fire progressed to 5 shot torso cadence drills to develop accelerated trigger pulls with flash sight picture while maintaining accuracy. Lastly a failure drill incorporated 5 shot torso cadence followed by one off torso to the head or pelvic girdle in case of threat stoppage failure. These are just a few highlights of the day from my perspective. Chuck ended the day with a good mental discussion about gunfighting. It was one of the slowest paced fundamentals class I've experienced and absolutely perfect for new/inexperienced shooters or anyone looking to reinforce the basics. Two day classes can overwhelm students with information overload. I much prefer splitting curriculum into 1 day or 1.5 day classes as several Oklahoma training facilities have done that last several years. I'll definitely finish out the other two classes in this series.




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