For those who shoot Steel Challenge and want to track your times.

I wanted to be able to keep track of my times and best/worst as well as average times for matches and stages so i put together an Excel workbook with two sheets, one for my rimfire pistol and the other for my rifle. Figured a few others out there may have the same interest and while practiscore is great for pulling up the information it seems to be hit or miss on linking it to a profile. The best and worst times as well as the averages up top will automatically be figured and the total and classifier time just need to be autofilled the only bad thing about doing it ahead of time is it kills the best time so I just left it this way. It is setup for about 275 rows so it should last a good long time.

The "classifier time" is based off of the information at as Outer limits and Speed Option are for ranking only.

Anyway here is what it looks like for those interested.

steelchallengesheet.jpg Challenge sheet.xls

I have locked the top rows so when you scroll down the headers stay above the times and you can still see the best/worst and average times. The sheet is locked but you can modify it if you like. If it's useful great enjoy buy me a box of 22 some time so I can keep getting better.

And I know that Ponca City is spelled wrong, I was tired doing this and don't really feel like fixing it right now. But it's done and posted I am going to bed...
Thanks, Been doing little things with them for twenty years now. In high school I pissed off a teacher who was telling the class to do a formula wrong. Tried to tell her but she just wouldn't listen. But I try to do stuff to help others out. I have a reloading one somewhere among other things.

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