Good morning from sunny AZ!


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Hi there!

Short bio:
I shoot stuff. Shooting is fun.

Slightly longer bio:
I live in the Phoenix valley in AZ, and shoot IDPA and USPSA matches very regularly. Got turned onto the boomershooters and lurked around for a bit. Looks like a decent little community going here so I thought I'd join in on the fun.
I've been competitively shooting for 6 years, mostly on and off, but have been going at it hard for the last 8 months starting to obtain classifications and skillsets. I also regularly host competition skills clinics to help others improve, and teach CCW and firearms safety courses at my local ranges.

My current classifications are:
IDPA universal semi-auto: Sharpshooter
USPSA limited D
USPSA production C

Though I regularly shoot above these levels, something about classifiers really gets into my head.

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