H&H USPSA Indoor Match 5-26-19


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H&H USPSA Indoor Match
It’s back!
‪Sunday, May 26th, 2019‬
Check in ‪starts at 5:30 pm‬, ‪ends at 6:00 pm‬.
Once the range bays are clear of customers, set up can begin. Rounds down range shortly after. Any help setting up, after match tear down and clean up would be greatly appreciated.

5 stages, classifiers and possibly a field course. Approximately 150 round count
One gun per participant.

Register online up to ‪Sunday at Noon‬. Due a limited time allotment to hold the match and to avoid mega-size squads, there is a cap of 48 entries. https://practiscore.com/test-match-2088/register

Cold range. Gun handling in designated safe areas only. PCC must be flagged, carried upright & bagged until your turn on the line.

Please do not be late to the match, the front doors to the store will lock ‪at 6:00 pm‬.

Hope to see you all on Sunday.


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First of all, I hope everyone is safe & the storms didn’t cause you much damage.
There are a few spots left for the match. Take a break from the weather updates. Destress a little. Come shoot the match...mud free.