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Happy new year! All three of us. So who killed this forum? And I don’t want to hear Facebook. There are plenty active forums
In my honest opinion, it was the lack of a current event and political forum as well as too many sub forums. It was difficult to navigate and people want simple.
I've never seen a focused forum make it more than a few years and I've been a moderator on a half dozen forums, as well as an administrator on another that is currently still operating. The ones that failed were because they wanted to talk archery only or something similar. Anybody trying to talk about gun hunting, etc were banned immediately. Same thing happened here. If someone registered and started talking about anything but competition shooting, they were banned. It pissed a lot of folks off.
After 1000 questions about what is better, a 9mm or a .45, people look elsewhere.
People are interested in more than competition shooting in their lives. They want to talk about what is having an effect in their lives and have side conversations about competition shooting.
There were some alpha male issues as well that won't be discussed that did create a facebook competition.
The ^^^^ is my personal opinion only and does not reflect on the current management of this forum.
I'd like to see it in its former glory.
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Long Live The Republic, God Bless America!
Happy 2020 Boomer Shooter,
My New Year's resolution (that I can keep) is to buy more guns this year. I will have to buy another safe but it is worth it.
My first one will be the new Glock 44 tomorrow. Then planning on either buying a Sig MPX PCC or building a custom 9mm carbine. Also looking forward to lots of range time.