Hello from the Oregon Coast


[SIZE=13.5pt]Burk suggested that I pop in and introduce myself.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=13.5pt]My name is William Reeves and I was talked into competitive shooting several years ago, starting with IDPA on the Oregon coast.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=13.5pt]After having eventually served as an IDPA Match Director for a few years, I transitioned 3 years ago to running a full schedule of local Defensive Multi-Gun matches out of the Siuslaw Rod & Gun Club in Florence, Oregon.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=13.5pt]In 2014, I became the founder of The OR3GUN Project, with the initial goal of keeping a growing local fleet of Mossberg 930s running in our sloppy climate conditions. We’ve quickly become an international resource for the platform.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=13.5pt]OR3GUN is a sponsor for the 2016 Boomer Shooter Contingency Program. If you haven’t seen our logo on the magazine extension of a 930 at a local match yet, you may also have yet to see a 930 run reliably. We get it. The Mossberg 930 has a history of issues, but most of them have since been addressed by Mossberg’s Pro Series changes and our growing line of products.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=13.5pt]Personally, I’m much more of a forum lurker than poster, but hope to contribute more as time allows. If you have a 930 with issues or are considering purchasing one of the few American made options for an autoloader and want it sorted from the start, check out our sponsor forum. I believe that I have the notification feature activated, so someone will hear your cries for help.[/SIZE]




Cyrwus Jr.
Welcome! My wife is from Vancouver Washington so we visit that region on occasion. I'm hoping to make a match on one of our trips there.

Burk Cornelius

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Welcome William. Maybe we will start seeing some mossbergs around here in the near future

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Welcome! Glad to see you as a sponsor and your products. All of the bad press on 930's steered me towards a Stoeger. Sure glad to know you've got it sorted out!

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