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Just found this forum the other day, and it looks to be very interesting. I had a gunshop down in southeastern Wisconsin for 28 ½ years, but then in 1996 moved it all to northwestern Wisconsin. Several years ago, we became an LLC operation. There's not as much gang and drug activity in this neck of the woods as what we left, just a bunch of good, laid back folks who willing help neighbors out, even though they're a few miles down the road .

While I do "general gun repair", mainly for local folks, my main interest is in the Ruger Mark pistols and 10/22 rifles. I've been working on the Ruger Mark guns since 1971 and have kept some very extensive notes on all the possible things that will interrupt function and reliability in these fine pistols. I do have a web-site ( www.saronagunworks.com )where some of the stuff I do, and have done, with these pistols, to have them operating more smoothly and efficiently. There's not one aftermarket part for these Ruger Mark pistols that I haven't tested as thoroughly as possible, so some I recommend and others..........not so much.


Welcome to BoomerShooter!
A lot of us shoot the Ruger line of rimfire pistols and rifles.
Be looking forward to your input![emoji106]

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Welcome from Spring Valley, WI. Assuming your shop is near Sarona WI from your website. I have a cabin in Gordon, Wi. Maybe ill swing by and check it out sometime on the way up!

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