Hogs at OKCGC


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Serious question. What do you do if you're out there in a bay and a pack comes along while you're practicing and they're making threatening sounds towards you and giving you dirty looks. Is it ok to break the 180?


You better hope you got something stronger than the 100PF Wall uses in his open gun. Generally, pigs of all makes and models will steer clear of you and generally are nocturnal, unless you spook them where they are bedded down.

But to answer your question, breaking the 180 whilst engaging a hog is not only a DQ, but you have to surrender all of the meat to the Area Director.. :)

Burk Cornelius

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Wall said:
They don't particularly like that either. They don't really like much of anything, they're just kinda mean that way.
I like to call them Tony

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Reminds me of basic training at Ft Cambell KY. First day on the full auto range with the RSO doing the ready on the left, ready on the right, a nice buck walked out on the 250 meter berm. The RSO didn't see it and called commence firing. That buck turned into a pile of mush.
Yes, that 12 mile journey back to the barracks was miserable.