How many bullets does your gun hold?

Steve Moneypenny

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I'm looking at options on my 3 gun pistol. and Planning to shoot my Grand Power K100 but wanted to make sure I could be competitive with around 19-20 Rounds. with some base pads. etc.




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Unless you're shooting Open / Unlimted then 19 -20 rounds will be fine. I used to shoot Limted in USPSA and Tac Ops in 3gun. Used the same pistol for both. I really wasn't at a disadvantage even though I was down 3 rounds from the 9mm guys.


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24+1 in my 9mm SVI w/Taran Tactical Springs and pads.

21+1 in my .40 S&W SVI w/Taran Tactical Springs and pads

You'll be competitive with what you have you'll just have to plan reloads more frequently or miss less on those big round count pistol arrays.

Steve Moneypenny

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So I recently ( after uspsa nationals it's time to play) Picked up come CZ long 140 MM base pads. a CZ follower and spring... I now can fit 22+1 rounds of 9mm!


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I shoot my 2011 in .40 and only load 17-18. All of the 3gun matches that I shoot aren't pistol heavy on the stages, and even if they are I can plan a reload while moving so it doesn't hurt me. However, the more the merrier I guess they say.


Looks good to me
Wall said:
really, Why not fill it up?
I'll load 20 if there will be that many on a stage, but usually 18 gets it done. I probably should get in the habit of loading them up, but I've got weak thumbs.


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To me,About 47 inches 120 cm long, it has a 20-round magazine and weighs 19.4 pounds 8.8 kg. It can fire up to 650 rounds per minute.