Hunting and fishing video's on TV


We have one in history, but this one is about why in the hell do hunting shows, and now the current hunting ads in magazines show some crusty guy with red eyes, mud all over their face, and looking like a meth head.
AND THEY ALL HAVE SOME CW music playing, and I'm not a fan?

The Nuge is the only one that has some R&R going.
IMHO this is the very reason the general public see's the hunters as abject red necks that need their liberal direction to a tofu life style.

Somebody help me with this one.


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Over the last 15 years i have probably watched as many hunting videos as anyone out there, and there has definitley been a change!
Hunting shows have one thing in mind - making money. Perhaps the demographic that they are trying to reach is the other crusty red eyed guys with mud all over their face becuase they are the ones most likely to be sitting at home in the evening watching said shows. More importantly i have noticed much more of the "trying to sell me something" in the more recent videos. After crusty eyed red faced guy gets done watching the show, he is also the most likely to go out and buy a brand new CW CD and crossbow.
The Nuge can do whatever the hell he wants, becuase he doesn't care about the economics of the show.
The same people you speak of probably HATE burning through 500 rounds of ammo in a weekend, or using a gun at all for that matter when a bow can do the same thing. More over they also hate to see some clean cut business guy blast a 200" deer behind a fence.

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