Jesse Tischauser


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Went and picked up the ammo from the first group buy. Jesse was nice enough to show me around his stomping grounds while I was in town. He did a great job of keeping all of he buyers in the loop and was very timely with any new info. JT is GTG


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Got a scope from Jesse today and wanted to say thank you and he a good guy, he answers my dumb questions all the time and let's me bug him. Good transaction.


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Has been nothing short of straight and honest with me when I was still on at BEnos and has only been a better representative to the shooting sports since.



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thanks for meeting me today, and thanks for the great deal on the BCG. as always Jesse is GTG


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Just received my optic with the works (mount/throw lever) from Jesse, this guy is the real deal. Got an awesome deal plus shipped the day after purchase. Was a late buy on my end and am very gratefu that he worked with mel! Seriously if you ever come to Alaska, let me know and i'll get you squared away without the ouch on your wallet.

Thank you,

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