Just Right Carbine Trigger


I have a Just right cabine and would like to improve the trigger .
Wondering if anyone has tried any drop in triggers like Velocity, POF, Timmney, just want to know it will work before I buy


El Diablo
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dennishoddy said:
I have Timmney triggers in 4 of my rifles from bolt guns to AR's. Absolutely love em.
Lol, Not sure if that helps other than a testimonial about Timney. But, I agree if you do find that it'll work in your JRC, you'll like the trigger. Timney has been in the trigger game a long time & that's not something you do without making a nice trigger.

You could try contacting their customer supt. I'll bet they've probably ran into this same question before.

Be sure & tell them boomershooter sent you ;)


Well I went with the cheap fix since Velocity said they didn't think their trigger would work in a blowback gun. I purchased the 3.5 lb JP trigger spring kit for $11 made a world of difference in the tiger weight and reset. Passed a quick one mag test fired every round no issues. I will post again if it starts to fail . But for now look like a great investment.