Keepers Concealment AIWB holster | REVIEW


Looks good to me
Burk Cornelius said:
My 1911 is coming home to a new Keeper Concealment soon.....

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Will BC15 get me a 15% discount?

Burk Cornelius

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Well, I went and bought another holster from Keeper Concealment for my 1911. I like them that much.

It is obviously thinner than the Glock version and it conceals VERY well. On Spencer's recommendation, I bought the 5" holster even though my gun is a 4". The whole thing is maybe 1/2" longer than the G17 version. No noticeable difference when carrying.

Another cool thing about it is that the design of the sweatguard will engage the thumb safety if, for some reason, you forget to (not recommended)


Burk Cornelius

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I split the belt loop on my 1911 Keeper so I could carry it in that "sweet spot". If you carry AIWB, you know what I mean.


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Burk Cornelius

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You know how sometimes you find a holster and you swear that is is the best thing since sliced bread and you tell everyone about it after wearing it for a few days and you write and article about it online touting how it hides under nothing except a t-shirt. Then you find out that it really isn't all that and then you look dumb because everyone respects your opinion and you told them to sell everything and buy one of these holsters

Well, this holster isn't one of those.

Buy one.


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protip: if you lose/squish the foam wedges and you don't want to order more, you can put some velcro on a Dr Scholl's gel heel insert.

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