Kelty Vs Osprey

Jonathan Waits

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So I am looking at packs, and am not really sure where I should start, I know kelty and osprey are the two premire brands out there, that I see a lot of in stores anyway. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Would a 50liter be a good starting point?


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Kelty is no longer a premier brand(offshore made and offshore quailty). Dick Kelty sold the company many years ago.

Opsrey on the on the other hand is cutting edge design and is super high quality.

Size depends entirely on intended use.

The Antichrome

Osprey owns the quality backpack market. (Arc'teryx makes better packs if money is no concern)
Gregory and Deuter are the other players.

Osprey is no longer US made, and they use the lightest materials possible...the trade off is durability.
They fit and carry great. Super value for the $$.

50L is considered 'full size' nowadays. Just a few years ago, 50L would be considered small, but not anymore.
I used to sell 65-75-85 liter packs all the time, but now its all about lighter, faster, and taking less.

If you're in Edmond, go see John at Edmond Summit. He knows his stuff.

(I've sold packs for 22+ years and worked for Arc'teryx for about 12 years)


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I have had a North Face for about 12 years and I bought an Osprey last year. I like them both, but the Osprey is super light and well built.