LE/Mil/ASG Small Element Building Clearing Aug 24th


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This is a closed enrollment P46 Paladin Project course for active LE & Mil students, as well as select Lvl 4 ASGs assigned to high profile public/private venues (ASGs should email us prior to enrollment to confirm eligibility).

The course is designed to present the most current, effective, and proven Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) for use in safely clearing structures as a one, two, or three-man element. The course focuses on the context of using deliberate and dynamic TTPs, whether in separate or blended use. The curriculum applies directly to potential or active killer responses by single or multiple officers, as well as searches for unknown subjects. As a basic, or primer, course on the topic of close quarters battle techniques, it can be easily implemented in departmental in-service training courses to bolster the fundamental skills necessary to successfully train Officers to safely and effectively navigate structural terrain, thus increasing Officer survivability. This course is intended to bridge the gap in search and movement techniques taught by CLEET, for Officers in non-tactical, uniformed assignments. Instructors are SWAT assigned and counter terror trained Oklahoma LEOs.

Some of the topics covered include:
- Understanding and using knowledge of modern American architecture and building practices to the advantage of the searching Officer
- Safe weapons handling and manipulation in close quarters
- 1- & 2-man clears
- Benefits of the Third Man
- Room entry & exit procedures
- Sacrificing vs Violating Security
- Non verbal communications
- Low and no light search techniques
- Overt illumination tools; selection, set-up, techniques for use in searching, myths, and limitations

The class will be held on Saturday, August 24th from 1400 to 2300.
The schedule, which runs late into the evening, will allow for training in diminished and failed lighting, in order to test the student's understanding of the course material in less than ideal conditions, and to reinforce the low light techniques presented. We will break at approximately the halfway point in the evening for a meal break, and to allow for lighting conditions to change.

This course is CLEET accredited for 8 hours of MT credit. Course cost is $125 and students may register at https://www.paratus46.net/product-page/small-element-building-clearing-cqb. Agencies may register students by PO by contacting P46 at [email protected]

Additional course details will be provided to students 2-3 weeks prior to the course.