Lee Turret Press Review


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I used to load pistol ammo on one and soon realized it took 90 minutes of reloading to load for a 10-minute training session. Now I use it for loading hunting ammo instead which is a lot more sensible since I rarely have to load more than 20-30 rounds at a time. For that kind of stuff it's very nice.


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I got one to use as sort of a single stage for .223
Got all my dies set up to where I can do a large batch of deprime/resize then I can work on primer pockets and primer replace, then powder then go back to the press for bullet seat and crimp.
Don't ever have to unscrew and reset the dies, just pull the plate if switching caliber.

I've used it as a turret for 45acp and didn't like the inconsistencies of the primer system and the disk powder measure throws powder all over the table.

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