Lee Weems, Standing Your Ground, 3/14, McCloud


First Person Safety
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This class is being run in conjunction with our Applied Pistolcraft class being held at the MeadHall Range on the same weekend.

“Stand your ground” isn't a magic phrase that transforms a use of force into a lawful use of force. This class explores the dynamics of deadly force encounters to include the reasonable man doctrine, the lawful use of force, interacting with responding officers, and more.

Lee Weems combines two decades of law enforcement experience along with his education from places such as the Force Science Institute, the Law of Self Defense Instructor Program, the Massad Ayoob Group Deadly Force Instructor certification course, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers Use of Force Instructor Training Program, and many others to create the content for this presentation.

Tuition for this class is $50.00.

To purchase classes via Venmo or PayPal, please contact [email protected].


First Person Safety
To clarify, for those attending Applied Pistolcraft, the Standing Your Ground presentation is included as part of that class. We are simply offering the Standing Your Ground as a stand alone option.

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