Lesson in Statistical Correlation: It takes guts to shoot IPSC (satire)


Fear the Duck
Okay statistics students, today's lesson is correlation. The data is from latest Front Sight publication. Data obviously shows a positive correlation between being a top shooter and being portly (r = 0.82, P < 0.05). "Top shooter" is defined as having one's picture in Front Sight publication.

Lesson: positive correlation does not mean positive cause and effect. In this case having a jelly roll over one's belt buckle does'nt necessarily translate into being a top shooter. If that were true, your instructor should be in a much higher class than C and his picture would appear more often (current pictures = 0) in Front Sight.

I do think of shooters as altheletes. Luckily IPSC shooter don't have to have a body like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to participate and excell. Take home message; Have a good time and don't feel guilty having two cheeseburgers at lunch.

Next week's lesson is multiple regression, in which we'll study shooting multiple events (or types of guns) and the balance of one's checking account.



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Top shooter = Cover Photo

Enthusiast or Authors Buddy = Article Photo

I do seem to get better as I get fatter though.


Cyrwus Jr.
Well hell. I've spent the last year eating healthy and exercising because I thought it would help me move faster and give me more stamina, but I guess going the opposite way is where it's at.
Thank goodness papa Johns delivers :D

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