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Was down to Scheel's All Sport in Eau Claire, WI a couple of weekends ago. I usually stop in there to look over the trade-in guns to see if maybe there's a rose among the thorns. Then I peruse the ammunition shelves to see if they look like Mother Hubbard's cupboard. One of the store employees was stocking the shelved with 9mm rounds off a pallet that had a whole bunch of MAGTECH 115 grain ball on it. Sign said two per customer at $14.95 per. Wife grabbed two and I grabbed two. They had one box of Sellier & Bellot 115 grain 50 count box left, and the clerk said I could get that last one also.


So, it just may seem that the 9mm ammunition makers might be catching up with demand, as a few days later they had full shelved of CCI Blazer with the brass cases:

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The Federal Ammunition plant is a 2-hour drive west from here. One customer I have, has his wife working there. Federal is currently running three full shifts 24/7 producing ammunition. Employees can put in as many hours as they want, yet they still can't keep up.

I was told that the FBI NICS did 21 million background checks last year alone for gun buyers. A lot of ammunition will be needed for those folks and whatever caliber it was they bought.


Military and the alphabet agencies get first priority for ammo, then the little people get the rest.
The ammo manufacturers are certainly running at full capacity.
They are in a no-win situation politically. If a Republican wins, ammo prices go down. If a democrat wins, ammo and gun prices go through the roof giving them a profitable election season.
I predict these prices as the new norm as the dims have already introduced anti gun legislation and are looking at taxing ammo out of reach of the common shooter.

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Yup! Hopefully this will all get fixed once again during the 2022 mid-season elections, if this one turns out to be an "honest" one. There sure are some real "doozies" in power these days. I hope those who voted the wrong way are happy with the way gas prices are going?

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