Max Michel Training @ 2019 Oklahoma Section


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I'm proud to announce that the Max Michel Training Academy will be at the Oklahoma Section Championship Match for the 3rd consecutive year in 2019. Max will lead ten participants through an intensive one-day training class on Thursday then shoot the match on Friday with the class. Participants will get personalized skill-set training in class and immediate skills execution feedback during the match.

Oklahoma Section Championship Match will be held in Tulsa, OK at the United States Shooting Academy June 28-30, 2019.

Max Michel training class held Thursday, June 27th. Class will shoot the match Friday, June 28th.

Participants must register and pay for the match on their own.

Cost of the class is $500 plus $25 range fee paid to USSA.

Ask anyone that has taken the class and I bet you hear that it was money well spent.

Contact Cary Rowton here through message or at [email protected]


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Loved this last year! Heard it’s updated & different each time! Can’t wait to see what he has to share this year! I’m in!