More Brass, 30-30, 270win, 223/5.56, 40S&W, 9mm, 380acp

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My normal good clean range brass, a lot of once fired. Deprimed but not resized.
Rifle brass has been ultra-sonic cleaned then tumbled for polish.
Handgun brass has been cleaned with SS media so there is no dust.
Primer crimps have been removed and I always throw in a few extras in case I miss a bad one.

100, 30-30. $10
100, 270 Win $10
1000, 223 / 5.56 $75
1000, 40 S&W. $30
1000, 9mm. $30
500, 380 acp. $20

FTF evenings EXCEPT Friday in Edmond at my home just around the corner from Heartland. I can also meet early mornings before 9am, or I will ship on your dime. Shipping in Oklahoma runs around $6 on most orders up to around 2000 pieces of handgun brass.
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