Mr. BoomerShooter 2014

Curk Bornelius

Evil Half-Twin
Well, it seems that the lame moderators of this forum have tried to lock me out. Very mature! I have the right to speak my mind even if I don’t agree with half of the drivel that gets posted here.

Once again, I am here against my better judgment. Any time I try to be civil around my Half-Twin-Step Brother (same mother, different dad) Burk Cornelius it usually ends up in a fight of some kind. Frankly, I don’t have the energy to have a battle of wits with an unarmed man.

I am only posting this time for the good of the BoomerShooter community

Last year I started a tradition of designating one of our members as Mr. (or Miss) BoomerShooter. Last year it was our own Tony Wall with Make Ready Pro Shop. He wore the sash well throughout the year

This year the designation of Mr. BoomerShooter goes to Micah Rowe. Sure Micah has his good looks and that certain Je ne sais quoi (fuck you Burk, I went to college too) but under all that, he is just a pretty good dude, a veteran and all around bad ass. He would do anything for a fellow shooter and has proven it on numerous occasions. If you ever get the opportunity to knock back a few Miller High Life’s with him, take it!

Micah Rowe represents everything is about and he is MR. BOOMERSHOOTER
Will the real Burk Cornholio please stand up! Whoever the bearded lady is in the pic...I 2nd Micah as a stand up dude. He is a great part of our local shooting community and a pretty damn good shot at that..


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Congratulations Micah!
Please remember the sash is mandatory, but the nipple rings are sticky optional.

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