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I don't know where this topic belongs so one of the lame moderators of this forum can move it if they need to make themselves feel powerful or something.

I don't post here much. Mostly because of my Half-Twin-Step Brother (same mother, different dad) , Burk Cornelius. I really don't like being associated with him and it just seems better to stay away but this needs to be said.

Each year I am going to award one member the designation of Mr. (or Miss) BoomerShooter. For 2013 the designation of Mr. BoomerShooter goes to TONY WALL with MAKE READY PRO SHOP.

Not just because Tony always has the right stuff when you need it. Not just for stepping up in the jersey contingency program. And not just because he's damned sexy. But mostly because of the way he does business. With honesty and integrity. Stuff you don't see behind the scenes, but stuff I get to see because I am pretty much his best friend (Ha, F#*K you Burk).

Tony Wall represents everything that is about and he is 2013 MR. BOOMERSHOOTER!

See you next year at about the same time..............................


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i dont know him personaly but i would have to agree. he really steped up. and he always answers the questions when a customer is unsure of a purchase from him. and super fast shipping.


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Curk Bornelius said:
Stuff you don't see behind the scenes, but stuff I get to see.

Tony is slathered in awesome sauce. When panic hits and gun parts prices get jacked up, he stayed true and didnt inflate his prices, if he sold out...well...its sold out. Not a lot of people like that nowadays.

I couldnt think of anyone better to get this title.


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Wall said:
I'm honored, do I get a sash?

Beefcake calendar coming soon
The Wall I know will find hot chicks for the calendar, that's why he is Mr Boomershooter

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